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About inVocation Fellows

The  inVocation Fellows initiative is a group journey for Christ-followers in their 20s toward this “North Star,” becoming disciples who embrace and live out this conviction:

“We are called to follow Jesus by creatively working in love for others, especially toward God’s mission of redemption in the world, through particular relationships, roles, places, tasks, and moments.”

-Michaela O’Donnell

Who Can Be a Fellow?

The inVocation Fellows initiative is open to professing Christians who are connected to a local church and have graduated from college within the past five years.

What Do Fellows Do?

Fellows gather once per month on Saturday mornings for a time of head-heart-and-hands learning and discussion with leading thinkers on Christian discipleship, culture, and vocation. The program begins in late August with an opening retreat and continues to early May for our closing retreat. Our journey together is marked by authenticity, fun, illumination, teachableness, prayerfulness, and community.

Aims of the Fellows Program

As we spend time together learning, discussing, creating, and praying…and as Fellows go out and practice and apply…and come back to discuss and reflect…our hope is that they will:

  • grow deeper in their relationship with God, particularly in their practice of listening to Him;
  • gain enhanced skills in intentionality, self-awareness, reflection, alertness to cultural pressures and idolatries, vocational discernment and stewardship, and healthy life rhythms,
  • increasingly practice a Spirit-dependent, “whole-life stewardship” that brings flourishing to the Fellows and to others, in and through their daily work and callings, and
  • build a peer and mentor community of fellow sojourners pursing an authentic Christian life of flourishing personally and professionally.

Fellows Program Leaders

Beth Snyder | inVocation Fellows Director

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Dr. Amy L. Sherman | inVocation Lead Faculty

Amy is a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research. Named by Christianity Today in 2012 as one of the fifty most influential Evangelical women in America, she is the author of seven books and over 100 articles in a variety of Christian and secular periodicals including First Things, Books & Culture, Common Good, The Christian Century, Philanthropy magazine, and Christianity Today. Sherman’s book Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good seeks to help marketplace Christians live missionally, advancing foretastes of the Kingdom of God through the strategic deployment of their vocational power. Her most recent book (2022) is Agents of Flourishing: Pursuing Shalom in Every Corner of Society.