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We’re delighted you are interested in the inVocation Fellows Program! Here’s what you need to know about applying to the program.


Fellows must be professing Christians who are connected to a local church. Fellows should be college graduates who have graduated within the past five years.


New participants are accepted into the inVocation Fellows initiative via two routes: (1) They are referred by a pastor or ministry leader to the program as someone who might both benefit from and contribute to it, OR (2) They apply for consideration in the program, and supply a character reference from a pastor, professor, or ministry leader who knows them. In EITHER case, in order to be accepted into the program, applicants must do two things: complete an application (which includes a character reference) and participate in a personal interview with Beth Synder or Amy Sherman. The difference lies in the timing. If you are referred to the program, the interview will come first. If you like the sound of the Fellows opportunity, you will then submit a formal application. Alternatively, if you’ve heard about the inVocation Fellows program from a friend, mentor, or this website, you can go ahead and apply online, and then complete the personal interview with Beth or Amy afterwards.

Steps: Referral By Others

  1. Someone who knows you submits your name for consideration as a potential fellow
  2. You will be contacted for a personal interview by Beth or Amy
  3. You are interviewed
  4. You complete & submit application
  5. You learn whether you have been accepted into the inVocation Fellows Program

Steps: Application by Self

  1. You complete & submit the online application
  2. You secure a reference from your pastor or another adult who can speak to your character and faith
  3. Amy or Beth contacts you for an interview
  4. You are interviewed by Amy or Beth
  5. You learn whether you have been accepted into the inVocation Fellows Program


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The maximum number of accepted Fellows is 30. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.  


As applicants are accepted into the program, we will send notifications. All decisions about the 2024-2025 inVocation Fellows cohort will be made by July 1, 2024.